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Under Cabinet
LED lighting

For a brighter, more environmentally friendly, and cost-effective home. Transform your living space today with our under cabinet LED lighting solutions and enjoy exceptional brightness at every moment.

According to your plans

Under cabinet lights

A complete system allowing the integration of custom lighting in kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Discover the convenience and elegance of our product for your kitchen or bathroom. Our under cabinet lighting solutions are designed to provide optimal brightness while saving energy, making them an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice for your home.

By installing our under cabinet LED lighting, you'll also benefit from improved visibility in your kitchen or bathroom, making daily tasks such as meal preparation or grooming easier. Plus, our products are easy to install and maintain, allowing you to quickly enjoy all the benefits of LED lighting.

  • For surface or recessed mounting
  • Simplified connection with “push-in” type connector
  • We use the best UL certified LED strips

  • Includes LINEO Drive technology for a constant level of lighting from the beginning to the end of the installation

led under cabinet specs


Installation guide:

under cabinet led light

Please consult the specs sheet

The IRIS Performance team is now teaming up with the Écopak Group. The goal is to join forces and offer you the best value for money on the market when it comes to industrial and commercial LED lighting. Our mutual expertise allows us to offer you the best possible product. This is our mission; to offer the best possible product to our customers. Visit their website to learn a little more about this local company!