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Industrial LEDlighting

Industrial LED lighting solutions. In search of excellence, the engineers at IRIS Performance create some of the most high-performing and durable LED lighting fixtures in the world.

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IRIS Performance does things differently.

The best industrial LED lighting

Iris Performance is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance LED lighting solutions.

Specifically designed for the Canadian market, our products are innovative, reliable and meet the highest industry performance standards. Additionally, many of our products qualify for financial support from current energy efficiency programs and are designed to maximize available subsidies.

Our experienced team understands the importance of delivering projects on time. Feedback from the field is important and contributes to the improvement of our products. Our solutions must be reliable, easy, and quick to install. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for and need a customized solution, we love a good challenge. Tell us about your project, we're interested.

The Ecopak advantage

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    Switch to industrial LED lighting and improve your profitability!

    9000$ / year
    Replace 100 linear fluorescent lights and save:
    13 000$ / year
    Replace 100 high-ceiling T5HO light fixtures and save:
    34 000$ / year
    Replace 100 high ceiling 400 W luminaires and save:

    LED lights

    that perform!

    IRIS Performance is proud to support and provide superior lighting solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs throughout North America!

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    Our strengths

    Fast delivery

    Fast delivery from our Granby warehouse.

    Fast payback

    The fastest payback in the industry.

    Specialized team

    A team specialized in developing customized lighting solutions.

    Exceptional service

    A responsive and available local after-sales service.

    Be a part of our satisfied customers!

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    Why should you choose our industrial lighting fixtures?

    Our products are specifically designed for the Canadian market, they are innovative, reliable and meet industry's highest standards of performance.

    Our products are designed, tested and adapted for the Canadian market. Our first goal is to make it work here.

    Energy efficiency is the top priority for our engineers. As electricity costs more than the LED light fixture itself, it is important to choose a lighting fixture with the lowest total cost of ownership (purchase price plus energy cost).

    The majority of LED lighting fixtures have a lifespan as short as 6 years (50,000 hours). Why spend a significant amount of money for such a short period? Our engineers only work with premium quality LEDs, offering a lifespan of up to 11 years (100,000 hours).

    Industrial LED lighting designed and tested in Canada FOR North America.

    Our products

    In search of excellence, IRIS Performance engineers create some of the world's most high-performing products. Get more details on our products below.

    LED Luminaire <br> UKS Series.

    LED Luminaire
    UKS Series.

    More information
    LED Luminaire <br> WLS Series

    LED Luminaire
    WLS Series

    More information
    LED luminaire <br> HL series

    LED luminaire
    HL series

    More information
    LED Luminaire <br> SC Series

    LED Luminaire
    SC Series

    More information

    IRIS does things differently

    7000 - 75 000
    160 lm/w
    Energetic efficiency
    120 - 347 V
    Voltage d'entrée canadien universel
    100 000 h